PVC Rollers w/Blind Bore Sleeve Bearing

PVC Rollers w/Blind Bore Sleeve Bearing

blind bore diagram

Designed for live roller and gravity conveyor where wash downs can occur.  The blind bore sleeve bearing is standard for a 1/2” stub shaft.  However, we can supply 5/8” upon request.  The blind bore sleeve bearing can also be used with extended pin chain attachments for roller flight applications.

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Roller Diameter Wall
Tube Series Standard “BF”
1.900” 0.145” 1-1/2” SCH 40 6” to 30”
2.375” 0.154” 2” SCH 40 6” to 36”
2.500” 0.230” Special (white) 6” to 48”
2.875” 0.203” 2-1/2” SCH 40 6” to 42”
3.500” 0.216” 3” SCH 40 6” to 48”

Standard diameters shown — consult with JPS should a different diameter be required

Length: Other length rollers may be available.  Consult with JPS Company.

Loading: Impact loading should be avoided. Loads should be distributed across roller length.

Tube: Standard is unmarked beige-colored schedule 40 PVC.  Rollers greater than 2.875” OD will be grey and could be marked down the length.  JPS offers a special 2.500” diameter PVC in unmarked white.  Rollers constructed from materials other than PVC can be supplied.

Sleeve Bearings: Low friction polymer with excellent wear resistance.


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