Medium Duty PVC Rollers

Medium Duty PVC Rollers

Medium Duty Diagram

Designed for live roller and gravity conveying, as well as belt return applications.  This roller design can also be supplied without the shaft.

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Roller Diameter Wall Thickness Tube Series Standard “BF”
1.900” 0.145” 1-1/2” SCH 40 6” to 30”
2.375” 0.154” 2” SCH 40 6” to 36”
2.500” 0.230” Special (white) 6” to 48”
2.875” 0.203” 2-1/2” SCH 40 6” to 42”
3.500” 0.216” 3” SCH 40 6” to 48”

Standard diameters shown – consult with JPS should a different diameter be required

Length: Other length rollers may be available. Consult with JPS company

Loading: Impact loading should be avoided. Loads should be distributed across roller length.

Tube: Standard is unmarked beige-colored schedule 40 PVC. Rollers greater than 2.875″ OD will be grey and could be marked down the length. JPS offers a special 2.500” diameter PVC in unmarked white. Rollers constructed from materials other than PVC can be supplied.

7/16” hex shaft (standard): Is available in carbon steel (C), both 304 & 316 stainless steel (S) and aluminum (A). Round shafts in 1/2” and 5/8” diameter can be supplied as standard. Other shaft options are available.

Hex shaft adapter: Provides a journal surface, over the hex, for the roller to turn on. These are available in carbon steel and 316 stainless steel.

Sleeve Bearing: Low friction polymer with excellent wear resistance.

OEM installing JPS 36” BF, medium duty, rollers for modular belt return